6.Spike and Suzy – Highland games (SC)

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De Engelstalige versie van Suske en Wiske – De knokkersburcht

6.Spike and Suzy – Highland games (SC)
VSuzy wins a most unusual prize in a raffle: the ancient castle of Craggymount in the Highlands of Scotland. Our friends make the journey to Scotland in Professor Barnabas’ latest invention, an underground travel machine. When they arrive however, they find that along with Suzy’s new property comes a whole heap of hassle! The McBauchles and the McBasnnocks are two feuding clans who are constantly at war over the ownership of the castle.
The story leaps along with the usual crazy twists and turns. Will the secret in the hidden casket be revealed? Will Jethro’s romance ruin all our heroes’ hopes? Will the clans ever come to their senses? Read on for another eventful Scottish adventure for Spike, Suzy and Co.


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