4.Spike and Suzy – The fairies of Efteling (HC)




De Engelstalige versie van Suske en Wiske – De Efteling elfjes

4.Spike and Suzy – The fairies of Efteling (HC)
Our heroes set out to visit some disabled children but arrive to find that the children’s home is on fire. Luckily no one is hurt apart form a little fairy who needs help to escape from the power of a wicked witch. A huge diamond falls from the sky and lands in the fairytale land of Efteling. Spike and Suzy would want to use this diamond to build a new home for the disabled children. However, there are others who want the diamond for more sinister purposes.
In the race that follows, Spike and Suzy meet up with many familiar characters, good and bad and get into all sorts of trouble. Will they find the diamond before their enemies? Or will evil rule in Efteling park forever?


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